Monday, March 10, 2008

The Times and Mortal Sin

I was going to blog on the brain-dead article in the Times regarding the Church's recent statements on bioethics and the environment. But then I saw that Mark Shea beat me to it:

To begin with is the whole "rules based" approach of the author, which is fundamentally tone deaf to the fact that the faith is about relationship, not breaking rules. Off on that wrong footing, the author then makes it sound like the Vatican has added new "mortal sins" to some traditional list in order to keep up with Euro-trendiness. As is often the case, Dante somehow becomes an extension of the Magisterium (and the author even concludes with a list of official looking hellish punishments for the traditional seven deadlies, all derived from the Inferno).
Since he said pretty much everything I was going to, I'll just leave you to read his post rather than repeating it here.