Monday, June 30, 2008

In honor of the day

I was going to write a snazzy little post on the First Roman Martyrs whom we honor today, but then I read Mike Aquilina's post on the subject. I can't compete, the guy rocks. Instead let me just add this little snip from Our Sunday Visitor's Encyclopedia of Saints- a gift to me from my grandmother:

Many martyrs who suffered death under Emperor Nero (r. 54-68) Owing to their executions during the reign of Emperor Nero, they are called Neronian Martyrs, and they are also termed the Protomartyrs of Rome, being honored by the site in Vatican City called the Piazza of the Protomartyrs. These early Christians were disciples of the Apostles, and they endured hideous tortures and ghastly deaths following the burning of Rome in the infamous fire of 62. Their dignity in suffering, and their fervor to the end, did not provide Nero or the Romans with the public diversion desired. Instead, the faith was firmly planted in the Eternal City.

I just love how that was worded. It is examples like this that give me a little hope. If they can withstand what was asked of them maybe, just maybe, I can withstand the little cross I have to bear if only I can find a way to cooperate with the grace offered me.