Friday, June 27, 2008

Two from Dr. Ed Peters

First, I want to second (c'mon, that was a well-timed pun!) everything he says about the news that Archbishop Raymond Burke has been appointed the head of the Apostolic Signatura. He has been a voice of reason and sanity in a world, and in a country, where those are in very short supply. He has also served to elevate the level of discourse on critical issues and refused to pander to those who would demand politically-correct wording to avoid otherwise necessary confrontation. While it is a loss to the Church in the United States, it is a gain to the Universal Church which must always be the greater good. I echo Dr. Peters' hope that his position is filled both soon and well.

Second, he has written an article in Antiphon regarding a suggestion to alter the rules for the Communion fast. I can't begin to agree enough with his recommendations. The current rule stipulates a one hour fast before receiving Communion. In explaining this rule to our RCIA class I was forced to point out that unless you're eating in the car on the way to Mass it's virtually impossible to violate this fast. I say virtually because I have, with my own eyes, seen someone drinking coffee during Mass who then went up to receive Communion. The rule is so simple to obey people think it doesn't even exist anymore and have found ways to break even this rule. If you're going to have a rule it must serve a purpose or it becomes legislation for its own sake which never does anyone any good. It will be interesting to see if this gains any traction.