Thursday, July 31, 2008

Because a gift is only a gift if it's given

For anyone who has problems, shall we say, keeping their eyes where they belong (a problem exacerbated no small amount by current "fashion" trends) a word of advice given to me recently may just help.

We all know we're supposed to see Christ in the people around us. Sometimes though, no matter how hard we try it's just hard to put Christ's face on that woman dressed in a getup originally designed for a street corner. We men, we're human, and sometimes we fail in our highest aspirations - that's when it's good to have a backup plan.

With that, let me say simply this: in the face of every woman see the face of Mary. As bad and as screwed up as this world is, we all still have a commonly accepted rule that you don't mess with another man's mama. As crude a statement as that may be, the rule is simply effective. If Mary always points us to Christ, her status as the exemplar of chastity reminds us just what it is hiding waiting to be seen. If you can't see Christ, look for Mary - she'll lead you the rest of the way.