Saturday, August 02, 2008

Something stinks in the blogosphere

According to Curt Jester several popular Catholic blog writers have been locked out from updating their blogs. The one commonality discovered so far? They all wrote against everyone's favorite hate-filled atheist.

The folks at CMR note that the same thing recently happened to many popular blogs that were opposed to Barak Obama's candidacy. So while it's possible this abusive behavior is caused by people within Google (remember, Google owns Blogger) it's also possible people have figured out how to coordinate abuse of the Flag button on Blogger.

As with every other time things like this happen, I'm sure we'll never really know what happened. All I can say is something smells rather ripe with all this...

Update: The Blogger folks say this was in fact a software error. If so, then a mea culpa for insinuating otherwise. At this point we'll never entirely know for sure, but 'tis better to believe them for now methinks. Working in the software field I can empathize with bugs that are mistakes that just look intentional. We occasionally have bugs that make things work by accident when they shouldn't - fixing those bugs always is an interesting experience. Anyway, back to blogging for all involved we hope!